Moving Beyond the Basics – How to Jump Start your Job Search.

Moving Beyond the Basics – How to Jump Start your Job Search.

Wilson Employment Networks Presents: Moving Beyond the Basics – How to Jump Start your Job Search.

So, for whatever reason, you’ve decided it’s high time for a new job. Perhaps your company is downsizing, your mentor has moved on to greener pastures, or you are just ready for that next step in your career. Once you’ve decided that it’s time to open the door to new opportunity – it’s game on.

Yet when it comes to a job search, even when pressured by outside circumstances, many people walk down the same, tired road. They update (only) the most recent entry in their resume, post to, set up a job search agent on the job boards and sit back and wait for the calls to roll in.

And, sure, this strategy can work, mainly if your skill set is in high demand. Yet for something as crucial as your full-time job, you should consider moving beyond a passive means of finding work. Instead, get fired up about your new job!  We’d like to suggest taking control of your job search like never before and taking an active approach to finding your next opportunity.

Here are a few tips to jump-start your job search: 

Update your entire resume

Yes, it’s true, many recruiters rarely look beyond your last couple years of work history. However, that doesn’t mean your resume should not be as up to date and easy to read as possible. Retool the entire resume from soup to nuts each time you consider a job or career change – build on a theme or a template and rebrand yourself with a new look and feel; enhance your content and tighten up your wording. Make your resume a living document that breathes new energy into itself each time you work on it which will, in turn, make you more excited about presenting it to others.

Get Out There and Network

Meet new people, learn new things – explore new companies, step outside your bubble. Even though the web has opened up countless opportunities for us all, the simple act of human to human communication is still more powerful than any other medium. By getting out and talking to others in your field or geographic area, you’ll get the real inside scoop – who is hiring, who is growing or even who might be facing uncertainty or cuts in the near future (and thus companies to avoid.) Most job openings start as an idea in someone’s head and blossom into a position. You’ll never know what is really going on in the job market unless you have input from peers and subject matter experts, recruiters, and friends in the industry. The more resources you have at your disposal, the more likely it is that you will be introduced to new positions (before they hit the job boards.)

Talk to Your Recruiters

While recruiters have a second sense of the job market, they can’t possibly know what is going through your head and your personal experience – your current skills, availability and focused areas of interest. Recruiters work very directly on open roles but always keep their eyes and ears open on the periphery, so they know the right people to contact at the right time. Work with a great recruiter, and you’ll have another ally in the field who can represent you when the time is right. It’s tough to get all the stars to align and seal up a new role in just one phone call, so having a recruiter briefed on your current situation is a gift that keeps on giving.

So, pick up the phone and reach out to us, and we will keep your goals in mind as we speak to employers. You never know when the perfect opportunity may land in our lap – make sure you are the first person we call when it does. Get in touch with us today.