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When was the Last Time You Saw A Ghost?

You might be thinking about a supernatural spirit living somewhere under your bed (you’d better check?) …but, fear not. I am referring to the concept of ghosting as it applies to the hiring process. As with all things in the Facebook age – there’s a nickname for everything – including the common and despised practice […]

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Congratulations! Your on-the-job accomplishments have been duly recognized by your superiors, and you’ve been promoted to the manager of your department. Along with a pay raise and new business cards, you have just been handed what could be considered the most trying time of your career. Understanding your new role as a supervisor is not […]

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8 Tips to Landing a Job Interview

Landing an interview is the first step in securing a new job. These tips will help you to cut through the clutter, differentiating yourself from other candidates vying for the same opportunities. Use the following tips: Customize your resume and cover letter for specific opportunities. Don’t “blast out” countless copies of your resume for any […]

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