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Logistics/Inventory (Candidate ID: 235738)

Matt is looking for a long-term fit in inventory/logistics or warehouse within 30 miles of Newmarket, NH. He would also consider purchasing positions. In his current role, he is responsible for maintaining spare parts, which includes ensuring proper stock levels, integrating data, processing spare parts from receiving; and performing daily material movements. Prior to that, [...]

2019-03-27T11:12:03-04:00March 27th, 2019|Manufacturing|

Entry Level Manufacturing (Candidate ID: 245500)

Jignasha is ready to join the manufacturing industry in a full-time, entry-level position within 10 miles of Rochester, NH. She has always owned her own retail businesses where she took care of every facet of the businesses, so is very familiar with inventory control, receiving duties, and working with vendors - always staying busy is [...]

2019-03-20T13:44:37-04:00March 20th, 2019|Manufacturing|

Inventory/Supervisory (Candidate ID: 247081)

We are working with a candidate who has many years of experience in inventory control. He is described by references as being a dependable and hard-working employee. He is currently seeking full-time, long-term opportunities on the 1st or 3rd shift within 40 miles of Randolph, VT.

2019-03-13T12:03:37-04:00March 13th, 2019|Manufacturing|

Customer Service (Candidate ID: 174892)

George has extensive experience as a Buyer in a wide variety of industries and several years of experience in customer service. He enjoys working in an environment where colleagues feel like family and thrives in a fast-paced environment. He feels his strengths are his people skills and ability to create good rapport with vendors. He [...]

2019-02-27T14:31:53-04:00February 27th, 2019|Administrative|

Light Industrial (Candidate ID: 241890)

Amanda is seeking part-time opportunities within 25 miles of Lebanon, NH and is open to weekend work, as well. She has a background in inventory, warehouse, assembly, and production, but is open to any position where employees are treated with respect and there is opportunity for growth.

2019-02-06T10:15:14-04:00February 6th, 2019|Manufacturing|

Warehouse/Team Lead (Candidate ID: 223495)

Are you looking for a warehouse candidate who has done everything from shipping and receiving to managing a team? Aaron has operated a forklift, managed and trained employees in all aspects or shipping and receiving, and performed as an inventory control specialist. He is now seeking a full-time, long-term warehouse position within 30 miles of [...]

2019-01-23T07:51:42-04:00January 23rd, 2019|Manufacturing|

Shipping/Receiving (Candidate ID: 238663)

Rhonda is interested in pursuing full-time warehouse opportunities in between Portsmouth and Lee, NH. She formerly worked in auto parts inventory management, where she obtained pricing from vendors, handled inventory counts, and utilized inventory software. Most recently, she was a Delivery Driver, responsible for loading/unloading products, providing customer service, and collecting payments.

2018-11-14T11:01:36-04:00November 14th, 2018|Manufacturing|

Purchaser/Inventory (Candidate ID: 239487)

Greg has extensive managerial experience, first as a Purchaser/Floor Manager at a sporting goods store, and then as a General Manager of an outdoor sporting equipment organization. He is currently looking for an admin role where he can learn purchasing or work with inventory control. References say he is very detail oriented and has a [...]

2018-12-03T14:48:21-04:00October 31st, 2018|Administrative|

Warehouse (Candidate ID:27047)

In Michael’s most recent long-term position, he was a Crib Supervisor in charge of a crew of three where he resolved inventory discrepancies and performed paperwork. He is seeking a similar role on the administrative side of the warehouse on the 1st or 2nd shift within 30 miles of Sanford, ME. References say he is [...]

2018-09-26T11:06:54-04:00September 26th, 2018|Featured Talent, Manufacturing|

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