Why Leddy


A company who needs talent...
A person looking for a job...

No one is more important than anyone else. Every person is of value to us.

We hold ourselves to a standard that focuses on never losing sight of the impact we have on a person's life.

You matter. You count. You're valued.


Working with us
Leddy Group’s amazing team is just that . . .amazing.  Professionalism is expected; being real, respectful, appreciative of our clients, our candidates, our field employees and each other is also expected. Adhering to Leddy Group standards of excellence both in actions and words is a “must have” rather than a “nice to have”.  Doing the right thing is more important than closing a deal.

Take a look at Leddy Group Success stories

Commitment to Continuous Improvement . . .that’s not just rhetoric, it’s a Leddy Group company -wide initiative that drives every facet of our business. It’s neither a fad nor a one-off. It’s a way of doing business.  It’s an expectation on how to constantly strive for excellence. We continue to streamline, assess, modify, upgrade and customize the “how”. Input, feedback, and suggestions from all stakeholders are both solicited and valued.  This is Leddy Group . . .this is who we are.

In the Community
We are so proud of the Leddy Group team.  Each Leddy Group team member is committed to his/her respective communities. Serving candidates, field employees, clients, each other AND . . .our communities. If you’re looking for people who truly care, who contribute for neither accolades or networking, but rather to make a difference . . . then you’ve found the right people.  This is Leddy Group . . .this is who we are.


In the Community

Helping people in our local communities extends beyond staffing.

Join the Leddy Team

Do what you love . . .love what you do. Put people first . . .always.  Check out what members of the team have to say about why they decided to join Leddy Group:

“The combination of amazing core values, established practices, and new markets made it an easy decision to join the team.”

“I love that I go to work every day and know that our entire team is in the business of changing lives and impacting people in a really positive way. Not only do we assist individuals with employment, but the leadership of Leddy supports its employees, treats everyone with respect and we all have a voice. We also have fun!”

“The work we do is so impactful – we connect people to life-changing opportunities. I could do that work in many places, but I do it at Leddy because we are committed to working collaboratively, honestly, and ethically. I can’t imagine working anywhere else”.

“The company is really supportive and open to being flexible and is all about training and teaching”.

This represents a small sample of how people on our team feel. Take a closer look and see how many feel the same.  Meet our team!