Success Stories

Colleen Brennan

With a goal of moving to the New Hampshire Seacoast, Colleen set out to find a job in the area before making the leap from her home in central New Hampshire. After four months of searching without success, she turned to Leddy Group for assistance. With their creative and knowledgeable help, she received the encouragement she needed to apply for—and land—a position she wanted despite not meeting the requirements.

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Autumn landscape of rolling hills covered with bright colorful trees and leaves along a country road.
Blithe Milks- Rutland Success Story

After moving to the Rutland area, Blithe Milks’ husband had found success in his job search while Blithe had not. Enough time had passed that Blithe decided temporary work was better than no work, so she turned to Leddy Group for help. With Career Resource Specialist Dawn Mackay’s assistance, Blithe not only found temporary opportunities, but she and Dawn built a rapport that allowed Dawn to recognize the perfect long-term role for Blithe when it came along.

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Welcome sign of the state of Vermont
Angela Perez – Relocation Success Story

Angela Perez relocated to Vermont from Wisconsin in 2015 and took a seasonal position at a country store while she got settled in. When that position ended, she set off on a job search that lasted a month before she spotted an ad for Leddy Group. Not leaving any stones unturned, she reached out to Leddy Group to see if we could help. Not only did we find her a new job, we found her a career! Three years later, Angela is still in that same position, and she couldn’t be happier.

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