Success Stories

Robyn Harris’ Bright Future

Although Robyn Harris has a great skill set that would lend to her success in nearly any role, she was looking for the right position where the cultural fit was just as essential as the job title. She added several key ingredients to her job search that helped lead her to the perfect role: an open mind, the tenacity to keep looking until she finally found success, and the assistance from Leddy Group.

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Jon Plodzik, University of New Hampshire

“Working with Leddy Group has been great. The process was simple; they provided us with qualified and dependable staff. They kept in good contact to make sure we were happy. I’d recommend them to anyone.”

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Colleen Brennan

With a goal of moving to the New Hampshire Seacoast, Colleen set out to find a job in the area before making the leap. After four months of searching without success, she turned to Leddy Group for assistance…

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Gina Swann, Phoenix Automotive Cores

“I absolutely love Michelle and she is a life saver! Before hiring her I was stressed out and overwhelmed with our department. Since she joined our team I finally have peace of mind. I am able to accomplish things that I had to put off for months…”

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Blithe Milks

After moving to the Rutland area, Blithe Milks’ husband had found success in his job search while Blithe had not. Enough time had passed that Blithe decided temporary work was better than no work, so she turned to Leddy Group for help…

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Angela Perez

Angela Perez relocated to Vermont from Wisconsin in 2015 and took a seasonal position at a country store while she got settled in. When that position ended, she set off on a job search that lasted a month before she spotted an ad for Leddy Group…

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