Leddy Group Success Story: Catie Smith-Fisher

Leddy Group Success Story: Catie Smith-Fisher

Resilience, optimism, and an open mind really help when making a big change, like searching for a new job. Catie Smith-Fisher has all these characteristics – plus Leddy Group at her side – and so she handled a tough search process with confidence and landed a fulfilling job at a company she loves.

Catie was looking for a position near her new Seacoast area home when she spotted a machine operation opening at Teledyne. She assumed she was applying directly to the company but – as Catie says – started working with Leddy Group instead “on accident!” Catie was contacted right away by a member of the team for an intake and to schedule an interview. It was her first experience working with a staffing agency, but Catie quickly realized that when it came to Leddy Group, “I felt like I could talk to them honestly about how I felt and what I wanted.” She asked the team to see if there were other positions that might be a good fit, just in case the Teledyne position didn’t work out, and was pleasantly surprised to have more options presented the very next day. Catie appreciated the team’s hustle and leaned in to the job search with Leddy Group in her corner.

Here’s where Catie’s determination and Leddy Group’s talent for connecting people with meaningful work really came in handy: Catie interviewed no fewer than 3 times at Teledyne for 3 different positions in 3 different departments! Her first interview for the machine operation position went very well. She thought the people and the work environment seemed really nice. Plus, Catie says, “When I met with the supervisor for the machine shop, he was straightforward and honest with me.” This was a breath of fresh air compared to interactions with management at her previous positions. Unfortunately, there was not capacity to bring Catie on in machine operation with her level of experience. Catie was so passionate about Teledyne’s culture that she was open to other positions, and Teledyne was willing to consider Catie’s transferrable skills and be creative to help find her a spot, so Leddy Group presented another opening.

Next, Catie interviewed for a position in the stockroom. Just like the supervisor in the machine shop, Catie respected this interviewer’s no-nonsense demeanor: “She was wicked honest about how she runs her section… Sometimes you don’t know what you are getting into, you know what I mean? They were all very upfront about what was going on, and how things work, and what they expect.” However, Teledyne decided to pull the stockroom role because it wasn’t a priority to fill. Catie was disappointed but she didn’t give up, and neither did her Leddy Group team. Sr. Staffing Manager Katie Patterson says she asked Catie, “Is it the job you loved or the company you want? She said the company, so I knew I had to pick up the phone and try again.”

Finally, Catie had a third interview in assembly. She had a good feeling about this interviewer as well – he also seemed kind and straightforward. The interview went well, and we are overjoyed to report that Catie was hired on as a Mechanical Assembler in mid-July! She helps make parts and assemble penetrators. Catie finds the position fulfilling, especially as she learns more about how all the different pieces come together to build Teledyne’s fascinating product lines. She speaks passionately about the work, saying, “I literally make communication pieces for submarines. Whether it’s sonar or defense, it’s really cool… Every piece that gets put together is important and has to be a certain way. They have all these steps to ensure their product is the best because it has to be.”

Catie’s favorite part of her new job is how low-stress it is. She says, “Even when I’m doing a new task with someone, and I’ve never really done it, the person who is teaching me is very chill and very patient. And when I ask questions, they answer them! If I have a question, like ‘Why are you doing it like that?’ They will break it down and tell me why. I love that.” Her coworkers are nice, and people from the other departments where she interviewed say hi and ask how she’s doing. The hours are great, the days go by swiftly, and she likes to take advantage of overtime. Catie also likes the little perks of her new workplace, like company swag and occasional fun food trucks at lunch.

Some might be daunted by the interview process she endured, but not Catie. Her natural tenacity and unwavering interest in working at Teledyne – not to mention the support of her Leddy Group team’s close communication and follow-up – helped her keep things in perspective throughout the process. In fact, she appreciates that all the different interviews helped her learn more about the company and its various departments. It also cemented her interest in joining the company because she could see that no matter which department she interviewed in, “Everyone seemed passionate about what they do.” That passion extends to Teledyne’s HR department as well. Katie Patterson says, “Teledyne’s fantastic HR team realized her tenacity was a commitment to their culture, so together we found her a space to thrive.”

Each person that Catie worked with at Leddy Group – including Katie as well as Regional Director Becky Fecteau and Sr. Staffing Manager Ben Plaisted – impressed her with their kindness and responsiveness. She also appreciates how the team has called to check in and see how the job is going. She says, “Everybody I’ve talked to has been really great. I really clicked very well with Katie.” The feeling is mutual; Katie Patterson says, “Catie was an ideal candidate to work with because she was honest about what she needed.  She was relocating from central NH and still working a full-time job in Manchester, but always answered my calls and let me know when she needed time to think on things instead of just rushing through the process. We took our time and I think that is what makes me so sure she is going to be successful at Teledyne long term.”

Truthfully, Catie had been hesitant to work with a staffing agency at first. She had heard acquaintances complain that “they never get back to you, or your pay gets all messed up.” Catie has told those friends they should switch to Leddy Group, sharing, “I’ve had nothing but good experiences with Leddy Group. They are very on top of things – that’s really what you want from a staffing agency!”

If Catie ever finds herself job hunting in the future, she says, “I will definitely only go through Leddy Group. Katie will be the first one I call!” But she is very happy in her new position, saying, “Training-wise, stress-wise, atmosphere-wise, Teledyne is a great place to work. I love it.” Teledyne is lucky to have such a hard worker. Congratulations, Catie!


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