On Finding Your Best Job “Fit”

On Finding Your Best Job “Fit”

Finding a new job can be stressful. Nearly all the stress stems from…uncertainty. Let’s look at reducing that uncertainty. From a Leddy Group Staffing Manager’s perspective, there are ways to qualify new job opportunities more objectively. We call it assessing the “fit.” Realistically, your best job fit is nothing more than the alignment between your personal goals, your current skills and values, and how they intersect with the opportunity presented by an employer. This shift in perspective reduces the uncertainty and stress involved in a job search.

Look at the following key factors in job satisfaction – we have seen over time that these factors, when balanced well, will ultimately lead to a great fit.


Not all jobs can be worked remotely. The commute is one of the most important aspects of a job – it needs to fit your lifestyle, or else it will create undue stress. Not being around for familial obligations (maybe this means attending your children’s activities) can generate constant anxiety in your life. Many people think they can “live with” a significant commute, only to find it is incredibly disruptive to their daily lives, which ultimately leads to performance issues and job dissatisfaction. Think carefully about how your schedule will align with your physical reality when making any job change. A long commute isn’t always a bad thing if the timing is right. Many people use it as their chance to unwind, an opportunity for clarity and mindfulness that they achieve between work and home. What is important, is that the time traveling aligns with your lifestyle.


We all work for money; it’s an incredibly important consideration with any position. However, be sure to look beyond the numbers to the ‘big picture’ compensation package that includes intangible items. For example, these intangibles might be one flex-day/week working at home, or the ability to take a long lunch to run errands. Either of these can be worth hundreds of dollars in “saved stress”.  Don’t weigh positions based on the highest dollar per hour or annual salary; consider all the other aspects relating to the role. Salary matters, of course, but choosing the job that pays best without considering your personal satisfaction can prove far costlier in the long run.


The overall compensation package is an important consideration, but opportunity can easily trump pay. Career success is a long-term game, so look strategically to growth and development opportunities when assessing a job. Sometimes you must start on a temporary or contract basis to be able to prove your value and fit – so always look to big picture opportunities and decide if there is a potential for advancement in the short and long term. A considerable part of “fit” is the long-term viability of success and personal/professional growth. Don’t let your ego get in the way, and don’t solely focus on your last role – focus on the future and the most direct path to getting you where you need and want to be.


When you’re researching and interviewing with a company, take note of their value systems. Finding an employer whose value system aligns most closely with your own will bring you improved job satisfaction, and not-coincidentally, will be a win-win for both you and the company! Employers have made great strides in creating a shared culture that allows people the ability to thrive both personally and professionally, with the support and encouragement of peers and mentors. Finding a cultural fit is a key component in the perfect job: if you are happy in your position, you’ll likely stick around for the long-term. Since you spend a great deal of your life on the job, being content in your daily surroundings, with shared attitudes toward work, helps to increase the overall satisfaction levels that companies provide employees. Over time, with a little luck, a good attitude, and yes, hard work, the other pieces (like salary and advancement) should fall into place.

We Can Help You Find Your Best Job Fit

Leddy Group has the right Staffing Managers who share a broad knowledge base, and well-over a quarter century of recruiting experience to help you find your best job fit. Contact us to begin the search for your next position.  Check out our Job Search page on our website – we’ve got really helpful information for you. We know that “one-size fits all” doesn’t exist. At Leddy Group, we know that the difference between liking and loving your position… is all about “fit”.  We’re here to make “fit” happen every step of the way.  Call us at 877-202-7005.

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